All You Need to Know About Advertising Magnets

Advertising magnets are widely used in the field of screen printing to produce printed magnetic and magnetic products. It is a combination of magnets and printed paper.

Because of their unique properties of paper coatings, supporting the most significant digital printing and sticking to the metal surface. It can easily be cut, pierced or tied. They are lightweight. This is an effective advertising tool to adjust the different styles such as business cards, car signs, and photo frames, etc.

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Flexible Magnetic Strips

They are available in a square, oval, octahedral and hexagonal shape. To generate extra region-free and not limited to printing, this magnet is produced most often in square and rectangular shapes.

In addition, it offers more space magnetic to retain power since forged magnet reduces the print area. Furthermore, it allows the printing edge of avoiding the waste area. They are also available in the form of flatshares like the shape of the house, computer, telephone, etc.

Advertising magnets find application in indoor and outdoor printing. Flexible magnets enable direct printing and thus time-consuming.

Such as paper normal print, printing magnetic also teaches the wonderful colors and sharp and the desired design and graphics to show the board signal, plates message, visual aids in teaching, photos, drawings, etc. Most of them are backed up with UV gloss laminate or vinyl gloss high withstands regular use.

They produce perfect print-out with inkjet printers; desktop printers and plotters except for business cards because they tend to separate and thereby damaging. They are available in various thicknesses that can be cut into sheets or rolls.