Chimney And Fireplace Safety Instructions

It is possible to take action to maintain your chimney and fireplace in great working condition. Here are the subsequent chimney and fireplace safety hints you want to follow:

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  • Perform routine chimney and fireplace inspection and cleaning at least one time per year to make sure it's functioning correctly.
  • Check the outside structure of the chimney for damages and make repairs if needed.
  • Install a protective cap to keep the area around the chimney free from tree branches, leaves, bird nests, and animals.
  • Inspect the fireplace inside for cracks and loose bricks and fix them if found.
  • Utilize natural logs whenever possible. When using artificial logs, be certain that you follow the package instructions given.
  • Keep resources such as plastics, papers, batteries, etc., away from the fireplace.
  • Establish your damper so that the draft will get rid of the gas and smoke once you turn on the fireplace.
  • Eliminate the ashes at least one time every week and store out in a non-flammable container with a tight lid.
  • For propane and gas fireplaces, check the fan operation, gas pilot security system and thermostat, and clean pilot and burners.
  • Change fireplace tools if they're damaged.
  • Don't burn garbage, charcoal, or plastic stuff in the fireplace.