Heres how you take an Interview While Hiring a Lawyer


It is never easy to hire the best lawyer since over thousands of lawyers exist today and the number keeps growing. One of the great ways while hiring a lawyer is to have a personal meeting. Another way is to ask them questions over the phone or via personal meeting. However, there are more ways in doing so and one should always take their time when it comes to hiring one. Here’s how you interview a lawyer when it comes to hiring the best.

  1. Do you charge a fee for consultation? –Check about the consultation fees with the lawyer along with the duration offered.
  2. What type of payments do you accept? – Make sure you know the type of payment the lawyer will accept such as check, case or online transaction. If possible, you may also want to negotiate for the price.
  3. Are you handling my case alone? – This is important because a lawyer tends to handle more than one case at a time. Discuss about this clearly and also ask whether the lawyer transfers your case to his junior subordinate.
  4. Have you handled similar cases like mine before? – You need to be absolute certain whether the lawyer does have some prior knowledge and experience based on your case. After all, you want to win the case.
  5. How many years of experience do you have? – Make sure you look forward to hearing the lawyer saying more than 5 years minimum.

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