How to get rid of Hair Thinning and Lush Locks?


Glossy and thick hair makes an individual offer good looks. But during the time of hair fall or loss, the majority of us start to feel our hair losing thickness making the hair look thinner. This problem has multiple reasons such as ignoring the health of the hair, eating bad food etc. If you wish to get rid of this problem, then follow these tips.

  1. Let your Hair Loose – People with long hair are required to let their hair become loose instead of making a ponytail. A ponytail leads to strain where the hair follicles start to lose its strength which ultimately leads to hair-loss and becoming thinner. In order to allow the hair to breathe more, try a different style.
  2.  Have a Good Diet – The strength of the hair also depends on the food quality we consume. Make sure you are eating healthy such as salads and protein such as lean meat, chicken breast, etc.
  3. Do Not Avoid the Condition of your Body – Women are the victims of thyroid condition especially during the menopausal stage. O the other hand, an increase or decrease in weight, dry skin, getting tired early are some of the reasons that lead to thin hair. Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor during such times.
  4. Have Iron Levels Checked – Ensure the levels of Ferritin iron is kept above the minimum level. Due to stressful lives and bad eating habits, the levels of this iron can go down leading to hair thinning.

You can also try keratin treatment for curly hair at home to get rid of thinning and lush locks.