Special Needs For Swimming: A Special Way To Increase Socialization

Are you looking for a sport to enrol your child with special needs in? Try swimming!

Swimming offers an opportunity for children with special needs to actively participate in learning a sport and use integrity, compassion and trust (along with a few other tools and techniques) to teach children with special needs how to swim. You can teach your child different swimming lessons.

Sure, swimming teaches valuable physical skills, including:

Gross motor skills

Cognitive skills

Muscle strength


Water safety

But sometimes even more importantly, swimming teaches children necessary life skills in a fun environment and swimming provides a special way to increase socialization little by little. Here’s how:


Children are understandably afraid of things they don’t know, and for children with special needs, there can be added complexities. The ability to push through and participate in something even while being scared is the very definition of courage and once your child discovers their own courage, through mastering a swimming skill that once seemed scary, you’ll all celebrate!


When that said skill is mastered (and your child has the award ribbon to prove it!), the confidence beaming from within will show you just some of the extraordinary results swimming brings. And that feeling of accomplishment will bleed into other areas of life as well.