The Octa Core Mara Smartphone Review

For many individuals, a fantastic smartphone consists of a fantastic screen, powerful chips and internal storage. Some will also spend the overall look and the sense of the telephone in to factors.

In the conclusion of the day, consequently, the appearance, functionality and features of a smartphone will be what actually sets the amount between a fantastic telephone and one that's not too great.

The Octa Core Mara affordable cellphones in south Africa has all these and much more which makes it a great choice daily. 

The Style 

The bottom and top parts are created with hard textured substances that give this phone a gorgeous carbon fiber type of appearance.  It's rounded corners round the trunk and they're well defined and sharp because they match with the display. 

The camera is on the rear region of the telephone on the upper left corner and it has a bright LED flash under it. The speaker grille is situated on the base and also the volume rocker is on the left using all the power button on the perfect side. 

The Screen and Performance

The screen of the phone could be termed as quite excellent. The entire HD resolution makes it good with color reproduction that's accurate although not quite vivid. The pixel density is 441 percent and this also translates to sharp, crisp and crystal clear screen, text in addition to high detail. 

It delivers a gratifying experience when seeing the photographs, watching films, reading or playing games. It's fairly fast concerning functionality as a result of the octa processor. The telephone could be termed as dependable in speed and functionality, but the battery may require daily charging based on the use of the telephone.