Various Types of Patio Doors

Every house with a terrace or garden needs a typical patio door. They connect the exterior of the house with the interior and provide a stunning appearance for your home. Varieties of styles and designs are available according to your wishes and preferences.

However, every porch entrance or exit not only provides beautiful style but also must be durable and add security to your home. There are different types of patio doors. You can browse this site to know the various types of patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

Types of doors are most often used because it occupies little space. It is usually made of glass with fiberglass, wood or plastic border. Doors are attached to the track with rollers that are opened and closed through the slide. It is also cheaper compared to other types of doors. The doors are easy to install and repair.

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French Patio Doors

A rectangular or square piece of glass attached to the door in the segment. This type of door frame is usually made of wood. It can be installed as single or double doors and opening the swing movement outside. Hinges used to open these doors. A double French door provides a larger opening than with a single type and sliding.

Patio Screen Door

Instead of using glass, the screen used and attached to aluminum or wood frame. This allows air and light into the house but keeps unwanted insects out. A screen door is not durable and does not provide security as it can easily rip. It is only used as protection for a safer door like France or the type of sliding door.

Coastal Storm Patio Doors

This type is specially designed patio door and is suitable for coastal areas that are vulnerable to adverse weather conditions such as hurricanes and tropical storms. It is made of strong metal to protect the house from any debris.