What are the things that you dont know about Malaysia?

Among the things, you will discover most fascinating about Malaysia is its people and culture. Fully being a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multilingual society of 28 million is no easy feat, as the race continues to be a hotly debated issue and permeates virtually every aspect of Malaysian life. You can also enjoy the day trips from kuala lumpur to enjoy the beauty of Malaysia. 

The Malaysian people consists of 62% Bumiputeras, including Malays and the Indigenous individuals, 24% Chinese, 8% Indians, and the rest are other minorities. Citizenship in East Malaysia or the states of Sabah and Sarawak are a little different from citizenship in Peninsular Malaysia for immigration purposes.

When West Malaysians visit East Malaysia, they may be required to bring their MyKad, a biometric smart processor identity card, which must be carried by citizens of Malaysia at all times. The Malays form the biggest community, and they're defined as Muslims in the Constitution of Malaysia- in other words, if you're Malay, you're mechanically Muslim.

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The Malays are the big brothers of politics, dominating the political landscape. Their native language is Malay, the national language of the state. They're also occasionally called 'bumiputra', or 'princes of the land' and are favored with specific affirmative action policies.

It's been a point of discontentment with lots of minorities. Among others, getting a 10% to 25% reduction when purchasing a house and receiving authorities tenders and scholarships are many of these gains.